Formerly “Accessories by Talia,” we worked closely with Founder & Owner Talia to craft a beautiful new brand name that evoked the quality and luxury of their jewelry, along with an elevated and effortless visual identity, packaging design and print collateral. We went for a high-end and editorial look with the main logo font that was further customized by intersecting the “a” and “e” for a chain-like link to mirror their jewelry. We love doing special touches on the brands we build to make them distinct and meaningful.

Untamed Artistry

With a sustainable vision to make all their packaging more eco-friendly, our goal in 2022 was to refresh the UA brand and packaging to reflect this sentiment. With this new innovative packaging, we designed 25+ collateral items that came together in all their quirky and sustainable glory.

Services Provided
Brand Identity, Illustration, Print Design, Packaging
Untamed Artistry, Cheryl Peng

“Liminal States helped bring my wildest design dreams to life! It’s not only because the final work always ends up looking jaw-dropping. What I respect more than anything else is their inside-out approach of what the brand really means to the founder and the people it seeks to impact. Thank you for creating this for me and the people I seek to impact!”

Earth Kisses Sky

Tijen and Ashley approached us in 2018 with the goal to refresh their label designs for their two products, “Skin” and “Pain.” With the vision to shake up what was typically seen in the cannabis industry, we aimed to infuse soft illustrated elements and a minimal tonal colour palette into their visual brand elements and packaging. This design also made it into the finals for “Best Packaging Design in 2020” in all of Canada by ADCANN. We’ve also collaborated on other exciting projects like a table design for Dragon’s Den, a stunning Shopify website, and printed promo goodies. In 2020-21, we developed labels for their newest topical product “Shine” assuring it met the rigorous standards of the Health Canada guidelines. Peep our labels on the shelves of the Ontario Cannabis Store and soon to be Shoppers Drug Mart.

Services Provided
Brand Identity, Illustration, Print Design
Earth Kisses Sky, Tijen & Ashley

“Previously, our brand never felt like ‘us’—but Liminal States truly understood our vision and designed everything to completely match our vibe. They are responsive, creative, and extremely knowledgeable. Our brand has really taken off since we started working together. I can’t imagine not having them working by our side!”

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