Formerly “Accessories by Talia,” we worked closely with Founder & Owner Talia to craft a beautiful new brand name that evoked the quality and luxury of their jewelry, along with an elevated and effortless visual identity, packaging design and print collateral. We went for a high-end and editorial look with the main logo font that was further customized by intersecting the “a” and “e” for a chain-like link to mirror their jewelry. We love doing special touches on the brands we build to make them distinct and meaningful.

Safer Spaces Project

Safer Spaces Project aims to shift the idea of what an arts institution should be and explore the scope of safety in the arts community. As always, we love working with brands with progressive initiatives. We aimed to develop a visual identity, website and digital add-ons that co-exist harmoniously with their partners, the Fringe and Industry family. We balanced attributes such as soft and clean, orderly and playful—ultimately creating a brand that feels accessible and makes talking about the hard stuff feel a bit less hard.

Services Provided
Brand Identity, Illustration, Site Design

Untamed Artistry

With a sustainable vision to make all their packaging more eco-friendly, our goal in 2022 was to refresh the UA brand and packaging to reflect this sentiment. With this new innovative packaging, we designed 25+ collateral items that came together in all their quirky and sustainable glory.

Services Provided
Brand Identity, Illustration, Print Design, Packaging
Untamed Artistry, Cheryl Peng

“Liminal States helped bring my wildest design dreams to life! It’s not only because the final work always ends up looking jaw-dropping. What I respect more than anything else is their inside-out approach of what the brand really means to the founder and the people it seeks to impact. Thank you for creating this for me and the people I seek to impact!”

Studio 205

Studio 205 is a cool one-stop shop for gifts in the #HamOnt downtown. With a focus on highlighting the work of primarily Canadian makers, it’s the perfect spot to support local, all while finding the perfect gift in a pinch. With the aim for a refined facelift to the brand with functional and versatile branding assets, owner Clay approached us wanting a vibe that felt fresh but wasn’t a total departure from their existing brand visuals. We channelled natural and artistic vibes with a slightly vintage feel. Featuring a high-contrast customized font for the logo that is well-suited for outdoor signage, an abstracted Bauhaus-inspired “205” mark, and copper touches on their business cards.

Services Provided
Brand Identity, Print Design

Bellwether X

Bellwether X are content and video marketing experts who put your stories into motion. “Bellwether” is defined as; leading sheep of a flock or a predictor of something, and they approached us with a strong conceptual idea about their new visual brand identity. Creatively, they wanted to develop a custom wolf mark that would reflect them as the leaders of a pack. The goal was a 1920s, Speakeasy vibe, which was carried out with a muted palette of classic, rich blues paired with a vintage cream; modern art-deco fonts; and a mysterious geometric wolf brandmark that was stamped on everything from playing cards, beanies, to motel keychains, mugs and more.

Services Provided
Brand Identity, Illustration, Print Design

Alison James Therapy

Alison James is a Hamilton-based therapist who practices from an intersectional lens. She approached us looking for a fresh start with her business after her move to #hamont. She felt a craving to elevate her brand presence in a way that felt uniquely her. Our goal was to create a brand that felt warm and welcoming, like walking into a close confidante’s living room and feeling comfortable enough in that space to share oneself fully and openly. We developed a comprehensive and beautiful visual brand that spoke to her and her audience and carried out her logo, marks, colours and fonts into a functional website, brand photography, stunning print items, and into her social presence.

Services Provided
Brand Identity, Illustration, Site Design, Photography, Print Design, Social Strategy
Alison James Therapy, Alison James

"Before my brand was feeling tired and typical and I didn’t feel it was an accurate reflection of where I was, or where I wanted to go. Rebranding with Liminal States was an absolute dream. The process was clear, streamlined, nuanced, and deep, resulting in visuals that were far beyond what I could have hoped for. They put a lot of effort into understanding me, and that really came across in the brand identity. This experience was an invaluable investment."

Rare Olive

Rare Olive offers the fashion industry a slow alternative in a world of mass production with wooden accessories that are eco-conscious, unique and mindfully crafted. Nicole approached us with the goal for a brand new look and feel to go along with her new brand name. To capture the feeling of rarity, we developed a fully custom font for her logos and marks. This concept was all about balance—thick and thin; masc and femme; natural and elevated. We focused on a natural effortlessness through the delicate balance of minimalistic geometry & warm inviting touches. This is complemented by the abstracted “wood” graphic line elements seen throughout.

Services Provided
Brand Identity, Illustration, Print Design
Rare Olive, Nicole Gagnon

"Every time I use the logo on anything it makes me so happy—like, a literal smile comes on my face when I'm sticking stickers on boxes or stamping packaging. Just knowing we did so much work behind the scenes to get that 'brand story' nailed down gave me that confidence I needed. I didn't have that with my original brand, and what a difference it makes. I just feel so darn proud of what we created!"

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