Alison James Therapy

Alison James is a Hamilton-based therapist who practices from an intersectional lens. She approached us looking for a fresh start with her business after her move to #hamont. She felt a craving to elevate her brand presence in a way that felt uniquely her. Our goal was to create a brand that felt warm and welcoming, like walking into a close confidante’s living room and feeling comfortable enough in that space to share oneself fully and openly. We developed a comprehensive and beautiful visual brand that spoke to her and her audience and carried out her logo, marks, colours and fonts into a functional website, brand photography, stunning print items, and into her social presence.

Services Provided
Brand Identity, Illustration, Site Design, Photography, Print Design, Social Strategy
Alison James Therapy, Alison James

"Before my brand was feeling tired and typical and I didn’t feel it was an accurate reflection of where I was, or where I wanted to go. Rebranding with Liminal States was an absolute dream. The process was clear, streamlined, nuanced, and deep, resulting in visuals that were far beyond what I could have hoped for. They put a lot of effort into understanding me, and that really came across in the brand identity. This experience was an invaluable investment."

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