Brands stand the test of time when they’re fuelled by the people who lead them. Our goal is to empower you to show up in your brand as your honest self—quirks and all. Our mindful approach will identify golden nuggets that link what matters most to you and your people, enabling us to build a future-proof identity that speaks true to your brand.

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Fluid communication

We'll set clear expectations for timelines, refinements, and deadlines to keep our project running smoothly.

A strategic approach

Our methods are thorough and holistic, which means you don't have to stress about all style and no substance.

Well researched

We’ll explore the ins and outs of your industry kin to assure we leverage what deviates you from the norm and makes you stand out.

Creative alignment

Before we even jump into design, we'll assure we're on the same page so you feel confident moving into the next phase.

Artful point-of-view.

We’ll utilize our artistic background and industry experience to create fresh, distinct, and timeless designs.

100% custom made

We’ll infuse completely custom design into all facets of your brand visuals, leaving you with a truly magnetic brand.

Strategic Brand Consulting

We get it. There are so many difficult parts to being a creative biz owner. Usually, our minds are filled with too many good ideas, but we struggle to see things as clearly as we’d like. 

Ever read the quote, “You can’t read the label from inside the jar”? We see it all the time—you’re so closely intertwined with your business from the inside that it’s a struggle to see things objectively.

That’s why we love these 1:1 sessions and think you will too. You’ll get 90 minutes of undivided 1:1 time with our Creative Director & Founder, J. Avolio, giving you the space to get outside your head and bounce ideas off a fellow creative mind excited to share all the helpful goodies they possibly can. Our goal is for you to leave with newfound clarity and inspiration.

We can work through:
  • Clarifying Your Vision
  • Sorting Through Ideas
  • Finding What’s Working
  • Finding What’s Not
  • Identifying How You Stand Out
  • Completing a Site or Social Audit
  • Brainstorming New Ideas
  • Serving Actionable Advice
  • Offering General Guidance
  • Sharing Emotional Support

“Lynchpin” Brand Identity

Tap into your brand’s future self with this essential element—its identity. An effective brand identity uses tailored strategy and curated visuals to best represent your values. This package is recommended for businesses in need of a custom persona that authentically reflects your unique perspective and connects with your desired audience. We can build anything from a brand name to your visuals and beyond. Let’s meet the ideal future vision for you.

Because we believe in the people behind the brand, we’ll start with our coveted Brand Journal through our comprehensive Brand Strategy process—allowing us to clearly identify what drives you and how we can connect that with your people. Our strategic approach defines your who, what, and why before we even dive into 100% custom-for-you design.

What's Included:
  • Brand Journal (Workbook)
  • 1:1 Strategy Sesh
  • Brand Strategy PDF
  • Main Logo
  • 4+ Additional Visual Marks
  • Font System & Colour Palette
  • Pattern or Texture
  • Social Profile Pic & Favicon
  • Final Files in Versatile Formats
  • Brand Style Guide PDF
  • One Hour of Post-Project Support
  • Our Expert Time & Care ;)

    Which experience are you interested in:

    How much are you looking to invest:

    Packaging Design

    Beyond your logos and brand visuals, packaging is an irreplaceable brand asset for product-led brands. It’s what drives us to grab a product off the shelf or click “buy now” or excites your senses as you unbox it. As a product-led brand, packaging means everything.

    Packaging serves as the staircase from a potential interest to a completed sale. It helps your community visually understand the big picture vision you have for your brand. Do your people share your packaging on their socials? Can they not help but grab it off the shelves to check it out? Whether you have an established brand identity (or want to hire us for that too), we believe a packaging experience that truly speaks to your people is a crucial investment in supporting a long-term, transformational brand experience.

    Packaging options:
    • Primary Packaging
    • Shipping Box Design
    • Custom Mailers
    • Hang Tags
    • Sticker Rolls or Sheets
    • Ink or Wax Stamps
    • Branded Tape
    • Tissue Paper
    • Thank You Cards
    • Food-Safe Paper
    • Eco-Friendly Options
    • Soy-Based Inks
    • Printer Coordination

      Which experience are you interested in:

      How much are you looking to invest:

      “Once your identity is fully integrated into what you do, you’ll discover a newfound sense of purpose—and your people will feel it too.”

      — Liminal States

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Nicole Gagnon, Rare Olive

      “Every time I use the logo on anything it makes me so happy—like, a literal smile comes on my face when I’m sticking stickers on boxes or stamping packaging. Just knowing we did so much work behind the scenes to get that ‘brand story’ nailed down gave me that confidence I needed. I didn’t have that with my original brand, and what a difference it makes. I just feel so darn proud of what we created!”

      Cheryl Peng, Untamed Artistry

      “Liminal States helped bring my wildest design dreams to life! It’s not only because the final work always ends up looking jaw-dropping. What I respect more than anything else is their inside-out approach of what the brand really means to the founder and the people it seeks to impact. Thank you for creating this for me and the people I seek to impact!”

      Tijen & Ashley, Earth Kisses Sky

      “Previously, our brand never felt like ‘us’—but Liminal States truly understood our vision and designed everything to completely match our vibe. They are responsive, creative, and extremely knowledgeable. Our brand has really taken off since we started working together. I can’t imagine not having them working by our side!”

      Caranina Bertone, Caranina

      “Thank you for your guidance in helping me launch! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. The inspiration is constantly flowing. I love handing out my business cards just because of how stunning they are. Everything you designed is simply perfect and works so well to convey the messages and values. Seriously, you do the most incredible work!”

      Carissa Kimbell, Carissa Kimbell

      “Working with Liminal States was like working with a dear friend. I felt they deeply understood my vision from every angle and I immediately knew I could trust them to bring our ideas to life thanks to thoughtful questions & exercises that helped me gain clarity around what I wanted. They were supportive throughout the entire process. I’m so glad that I decided to take the leap and follow my intuition.”

      Alison James, Alison James Therapy

      “Before my brand was feeling tired and typical and I didn’t feel it was an accurate reflection of where I was, or where I wanted to go. Rebranding with Liminal States was an absolute dream. The process was clear, streamlined, nuanced, and deep, resulting in visuals that were far beyond what I could have hoped for. They put a lot of effort into understanding me, and that really came across in the brand identity. This experience was an invaluable investment.”

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