Liminal States reflects our craving for a work life that builds toward a softer future. We heard the call to move past the familiar and create something more authentically aligned, with the aim to empower others to do the same. 

But let’s clarify something: Liminal States is passionately anti-hustle—and we understood that transitioning to a more conscious approach would help us build a more sustainable and pleasurable business.

"When we listen to our gut needs, desires, and values, we can discover alignment."

We envision ours to have a mindful outlook—allowing us time to nurture our client relationships and support others through brand identity work as an act of self-care. Whatever your vision is, we aren’t here to judge. We’re here to discover how your business can support you and reflect your genuine desires while seamlessly connecting you to your community of kin. By thoughtfully participating in this process, we’re taking intentional steps to make your future visions a reality.

Meet "J"

J. Avolio
Creative Director

My past experiences in agency settings often felt creatively stifling, emotionally draining, and downright unfulfilling. Branching out on my own was something I always envisioned for myself, but fear of the unknown often got in the way.

"Ultimately, I knew that becoming a business owner would give me newfound agency over my work/life alignment."

And that vision outweighed my current hesitations. In 2018, I finally took the leap into full-time entrepreneurship and haven’t looked back since. Taking that first step was uncomfortable, but I’ve learned that moving through those liminal states means you can begin to build a work life that feels good, not just one that looks good

This perspective is why I’m so dedicated to not only continually building that vision for myself, but helping others explore how they can do the same. Because wedging yourself into someone else’s vision for success feels uncomfortable, and it’s much more fun getting to define that yourself.

Educational Background

Studying Fine Art & Art History lends to my ability to reference art movements and design principles. This adds a special artistic quality to my work.

My morning routine

I prioritize self-care each morning by having a slow start to my day and drinking peppermint tea w/ honey in bed. Once grounded, I start my creative workflow.

What I value most

I care deeply about social justice and building community. My mental and physical health are also a priority, which means honouring my time, energy, and boundaries.

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Band of Free Agents

We believe in deviating from what’s seen in a typical agency structure by running a collaborative, decentralized studio. Partnering with a network of freelancers allows us to provide you with high-level agency support without the standard hierarchies of an in-house team. This enables us to tap into the creative strengths  and autonomy of each individual team member.

Chi Ngonadi,
Web Developer

Chi is a talented developer with extensive coding knowledge in WordPress, Shopify, and more. She consistently helps us develop expertly-built sites.

Jess Oddi,
Accessibility Coach

Jess is a Disabled Designer who specializes in accessible design, disability rep, and inclusion. She loves working on projects that empower marginalized communities

Rin Castellano,
Layout Designer

Rin is a true layout expert, helping us create everything from Welcome Guides, Slide Decks, Proposals and eBooks to help our clients with their digital collateral.

Emily WoonChing,
Associate Brand Designer

Emily believes in strategy-based and heart-led design. She helps us build meaningful brand identity visuals that show your audience what you’re all about.

Carmelinne Sanga,
Assoc. Packaging Designer

Carmelinne has over 5 years in the design industry with an emphasis in branding, print & packaging design. She assists us in bringing your packaging vision to life.


Kristin reveals your magic through content, copywriting, and editing services that showcase the stories of entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

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