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Learn your way

We cater our session to how and what you want to learn so we can focus on the good stuff.

Boost self-confidence

Feel an accomplished sense of self-worth by having new skills in your back pocket.

Personal Development

Become the better designer you've always wanted by investing in your future best self.

Tired of feeling lackluster about your design skills and frustrated with the generic YouTube tutorials and blog posts? It’s time for a tailored session that has your specific interests and learning style in mind. 

Our 1:1 Designer Intensive is a 90-minute educational session that allows you to move at your own pace and focus on enhancing the design skills that you want. 

This session will let you tap into the creative and technical knowledge of our Creative Director & Founder, J. Avolio, who has 13+ years of experience in the design industry. Plus, having us as an outside perspective can help you streamline your workflow and learn new ways to approach your old design routines.

Before we begin, you’ll fill out a questionnaire to help us get a sense of how we’ll spend our focus. Curious about a specific logo treatment you saw online? How about manipulating fonts or creating your own? Want to seamlessly convert illustrations into vectors? We’ll explore this together. 

To Start

  • Questions to Gauge Focus


  • 1:1 90-Minute Session
  • Via Video & Screenshare
  • Recording of Session


  • Open-Format Learning
  • Catered to Your Interests
  • Moves at Your Own Pace


  • Streamline Your Workflow
  • Learn New Tools & Tricks
  • Impress Your Clients
  • Raise Your Pricing
  • Feel More Inspired

“I’m confident you’ll leave feeling more inspired by your expertise as a designer.”

— J. Avolio

Our Pricing Tiers

We believe that our design training should be accessible. That’s why we’re offering this special session at three pricing tiers so you can choose what feels most inline with your budget.

Tier 1: Community

$150 CAD

Tier 2: Sustainable

$250 CAD

Tier 3: Advocate

$350 CAD

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